Landscaping During COVID

Safe Landscape Practices -Covid-19

Jennifer NicholsField Notes

The last several weeks have been challenging for us all and many small businesses are rising to the occasion. While each industry is different, we are very fortunate that landscaping is classified an essential business. Therefore, GreenWeaver is using Safe Landscape Practices for Covid-19. 

We are committed to providing high quality service to our clients and keeping our team employed while doing this safely.  To this end, we are following Landscape Best Management Practices for Covid-19 from the Pennsylvania Nursery and Landscape Association which include:

  • Social distancing: we are driving separately to job sites when possible, so please excuse additional vehicles.
  • Frequent hand washing and cleaning surfaces. This is difficult in the field, so all of our trucks are equipped with sanitizers and wipes.  
  • Our office staff is working from home.
  • Front line workers are wearing masks.
Gardener using safe landscape practices  while working among daffodils.

As always, we will call ahead to let you know we are coming.  We want to ensure our clients are comfortable with us working on their property, and we will reschedule work upon request.

We have a terrific team, who has remained positive and flexible in the face of uncertainty.  I want to thank them for making this possible, and thank you for your patience as we work through these new challenges.

Stay safe and healthy,

Jennifer Nichols