our process

Free Consultation

Meet GreenWeaver, and tell us about your project! We’ll discuss goals, budget, and timeline, and determine which of our services - design, landscape installation or gardening - will best meet your needs.

Design Proposal

GreenWeaver puts together a proposal describing your goals, budget and timeline. Once the proposal is accepted and a retainer submitted, we can get to work!

1. Design Contract

GreenWeaver completes site analysis, which may include photography, measurements and generating a basemap.

2. Preliminary Design Development

During this time, your landscape designer begins to generate ideas, solve issues, conduct research, and develop a concept plan.

3. Design Meeting

Your designer will set up a meeting to discuss the developed concept design. We will get your feedback, answer questions, discuss budget feasibility, and generate additional ideas.

4. Design Development

Based on your feedback, we develop the design further to add details that may include materials selection and a planting plan.

5. Revisions

6. Final Design

The design is complete! You will retain an electronic and paper copy of the plans, and can proceed with landscape installation.

Landscape Proposal

GreenWeaver puts together an estimate, where priorities and phase work are determined, scope and pricing are set.

1. Landscape Contract

Proposal is signed and deposit received. Materials are procured, project is scheduled and client is notified of start date.

2. Landscape Installation

Crew leader checks in weekly with client. The work crew is professional and the worksite is neat.

3. Project Completion

Includes a 3-month plant guarantee

Gardening Proposal 

GreenWeaver puts together a proposal based on you and your gardens’ needs.

1. Gardening Contract

Biweekly gardening visits are conducted and plant health is monitored to keep your garden beautiful and healthy.

Plant guarantee is extended to 1 year from install.

Outdoor living spaces Design Approach

GreenWeaver embraces a new landscape design approach to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful, diverse, and resilient. Fine garden design is infused with ecological horticulture to enhance every property with solutions that are functional and sustainable. We offer our creative design perspective to comprehensively enhance your landscape - ornamental and ecological plantings, hardscaping and outdoor living spaces, stormwater and drainage, landscape lighting, and more.

Every piece of land has an individual character, and every client has unique taste. We listen carefully to understand and respect our clients' sensibilities and consider the needs of each property. Our goal is to create landscapes that delight and inspire, connect people to the outdoors, and celebrate the natural world.

We endeavor to work as closely as possible with our clients to bring their ideas to life and to deliver the best possible value and results. GreenWeaver is passionate about our mission and we can't wait to hear from you!

The process

Upon inquiry, a time is scheduled to meet at your property and discuss your vision. The initial appointment is free of charge.

A proposal is issued to create a design for your project. GreenWeaver engages in projects large and small - for some jobs we may be able to provide a budget estimate for installation prior to, or in lieu of, a formal design.

A preliminary concept is created for your review and comment, and any necessary meetings are scheduled to discuss and refine the plan. At this point the conversation may include budget projections and approaches to phased implementation.

Per your feedback, revisions are made and the plan is developed into a final design. Upon delivering the final design, GreenWeaver will provide an estimate for installation. See our Landscape Installation page to read more.

In addition to planting and hardscaping design, we offer our expertise to create solutions for stewardship of your entire property - natural areas and meadows, grading and stormwater management, reforestation and riparian buffers, and more. GreenWeaver is a full-service company providing our clients with the best in ecological land management.