Invite Birds Home With a Beautiful Winter Landscape

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Bring beauty, movement and color to your yard this winter and invite birds with an attractive landscape! Like all creatures, birds need shelter, water, and food to survive. Provide these things for our feathered friends to attract birds to your property. Create Shelter Of the three elements necessary for our birds, providing shelter is probably the easiest. While bird houses may be …

The Best Plants for Your Winter Garden

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When designing a garden in other seasons, it is easy to forget what your garden will look like in winter. Since this cold and sometimes dreary season is three months long, incorporate winter garden plants that perform while other plants are taking the season off. Select winter plants with evergreen foliage, interesting bark, colorful berries, and dried seed heads for a …

Winter: The Best Time to Tackle Invasive Plants

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Some gardening projects, like removing invasive plants are easier to do in the winter. Winter is a great time to tackle invasive plants because leaves have fallen making access to certain “wild” areas easier and making the plants themselves easier to handle. Thorny, invasive plants are also much easier to deal with when wearing long sleeves or a jacket. Invasive …

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How to Solve Drainage and Erosion Problems

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With larger and more frequent storms, it is important to understand how to manage drainage and erosion on your property. Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of managing stormwater! Drainage Drainage is the act of removing water from a site. If done too quickly, drainage causes erosion. If done too slowly, yards and basements are soggy and wet. …

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Watering Tips for your Landscape

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Of all the watering tips we offer as landscape professionals, the most important one is to follow the adage, ‘Right plant, right place”. Appropriate design and plant selection ensures your garden beds will be lush and full during most of the year, regardless of the weather. There is a time however, when even well designed gardens need supplemental watering. That …

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Avoid These Common Landscape Mistakes

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Whether you take care of your own property, or you have someone maintain it for you, there are common mistakes we frequently see in the landscape. Learn to avoid these landscape mistakes and save yourself time, money, and frustration! Landscape Mistake #1: Trees planted too deeply Like other living things, woody plants are comprised of different types of tissue which …

Gardening Tips for June

12 Gardening Tips for June

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Perform the Chelsea Chop by cutting back certain perennials by 1/3′. If done in early June, your plants will have a later or longer bloom time and a bushier habit. Try this with asters, Black-eyed Susans, or experiment with others.  Help control Spotted Lanternfly! Our gardeners have been finding Spotted Lanternfly in the nymph stage on several properties. Penn State Extension has information about control and identification here. Prune flowering shrubs …

Add Some Flavor to Your Landscape

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Summer is a great time of year! I love summer because flowers bloom, the weather is nice, and days are longer. Also, local produce is available! In summer, you can pick up produce at neighborhood market, or simply add edible plants to your home landscape. Either way, local produce is fresher and tastier, better for the local economy, and uses …

How to Create a Healthy Yard for Birds

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Several years ago, I read my 11-year-old son’s persuasive essay explaining why spring is the best season. His three arguments were based on sports, weather, and birds. It caused me to wonder, why do birds returning to our area each spring bring joy and hope to people of all ages? Maybe it is their hustle and bustle of activity as …

Landscaping During COVID

Safe Landscape Practices -Covid-19

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The last several weeks have been challenging for us all and many small businesses are rising to the occasion. While each industry is different, we are very fortunate that landscaping is classified an essential business. Therefore, GreenWeaver is using Safe Landscape Practices for Covid-19.  We are committed to providing high quality service to our clients and keeping our team employed …