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Creating and maintaining beautiful, useful, and healthy landscapes for people and the planet.
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Our philosophy

Turn your outdoor site into a place of joy, relaxation, or connection.

We believe in quality, reliability, and the transformative beauty of nature, for every property.

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Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, we serve all of the surrounding areas including, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Chester Counties. We have also completed projects in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.


Because we believe that, as professionals, land stewardship is our responsibility, we strive to provide excellent service and care for each property in an environmentally friendly manner.


Please contact us to see how GreenWeaver Landscapes can assist you with your landscaping, landscape design, and maintenance needs, or see our list of services to learn more.

What are Sustainable Landscapes?

Simply, a sustainable landscape is one that is capable of being maintained over time without exhausting natural resources. While traditional landscape practices can be very damaging to the environment, we understand that people will turn away from messy looking landscapes. GreenWeaver uses skill and experience to provide beautiful landscapes that are also healthy and inviting.

"Sustainable landscapes balance the needs of people and the environment to benefit both."

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