Meadow Installation

Native wildflower and warm-season grass meadows are an open invitation to birds and pollinators and are a wonderful addition to larger properties. GreenWeaver's expertise will guide the installation and establishment of your meadow and add life and movement to your property while reducing the need for mowing. GreenWeaver selects a custom plant palette for each site and develops an individualized maintenance plan for the three-year establishment phase.

Services Offered:

  • Design of the Meadow - A meadow can include many different design elements, such as pathways, destinations, and focal points to make it relatable and inviting. Based on client goals and site conditions, GreenWeaver designers will help you make the most of your new landscape, including selection of a customized plant pallet.
  • Site Preparation & Installation - Managing the site prior to installation of the meadow is a critical and often overlooked step in a successful project. GreenWeaver uses our expertise to determine best options for weed control and timing to give the meadow a great start. 
  • Management & Invasive Species Control - Getting the meadow off to a good start requires specific knowledge and expertise. Our meadow installations come with a three season establishment period maintenance contract where we monitor this process for you!
  • Long-Term Management - GreenWeaver provides continued long-term maintenance of meadows, from invasive species control to annual mowing. We can also develop written plans to successfully hand over management to property owners.