Our Approach

From initial contact, during garden maintenance, and through project completion we work in partnership with our clients to care for each property holistically. Understanding that traditional landscape methods can be damaging to the environment, we use an environmentally sensitive approach, managing stormwater, selecting materials, and protecting soils, while creating beautiful landscapes. GreenWeaver uses the following values to guide us:

Our Values

Environmental Stewardship

  • Apply Ecological Practices to Our Work
  • Use Nature as our Guide
  • Improve the Land Beneath our Feet
  • Use Sustainability in Decision-Making
  • Minimize Impacts


  • Take Pride in Our Work
  • Never Cut Corners
  • Stay and Do It Right
  • Strive for Excellent Results
  • Thrill the Client


  • Work as a Team
  • Support Employees, Clients, and Community
  • Promote teaching and learning
  • Treat Everyone with Respect
  • Balance Work and Other Interests
  • Be Positive and Have Fun

Our Approach at Greenweaver Landscapes is focused around our mission.

Watch this video to learn more about our mission and our approach.

Our Services