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Our Approach

From initial contact, through project completion, and continuing into garden maintenance, we work in partnership with our clients to care for each property holistically.

Our Values


Land Stewardship

Encourage Ecosystems

GreenWeaver believes that our backyards should be vibrant, dynamic ecosystems. By choosing diverse groupings of native plants and high-quality, natural materials like composted leaf mulch, we work with nature to build wildlife habitat and healthy soils. We empower our clients to reduce lawn, leave the leaves, and make other healthy choices for their land while creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Reduce Impacts

GreenWeaver is committed to improving each property we touch through thoughtful, earth-friendly landscaping. Nature guides each of our designs, and we encourage responsible choices in plant selection, stormwater management, lighting, and hardscaping. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to limit chemical use and in 2021 we used a Small Business Advantage Grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection to transition to battery-powered equipment, reducing our carbon footprint. Simply, land stewardship is built into our services. Trust us to make caring, informed decisions for you and your property.


At GreenWeaver, we take pride in our work. From creating beautiful, functional designs, to providing excellent customer service, to running neat and efficient projects, our clients expect quality work from us, and we deliver. In the field that means that we never cut corners, and that we stay on the job until it is completed to the highest standards.

We work hard at making our clients happy, and it shows through loyal customers that have been with us for years. We even have a handful that have been with us for a decade! Year in and year out, we provide the quality that you trust.



Human Health & Enjoyment

GreenWeaver believes that our landscapes should be safe, joyful spaces for the whole family to experience. Because we work with native plants and natural systems, our designs are inherently rich and resilient. We minimize chemical use in our projects and maintenance to prioritize the health of our children, pets, and communities.

We strive to create experientially rich spaces that connect your family to the natural world. Through careful observation of each property’s unique qualities, our team helps nurture landscapes that are steeped in meaningful sense of place…gardens that reflect the unique beauty of the Delaware Valley’s vibrant ecosystems. With GreenWeaver, the benefits of nature are just beyond your doorstep.

Dignity Of Work

GreenWeaver takes great pride in our team. We are a group of doers, innovators, and lifelong learners from many different backgrounds. We support all our employees, from landscape crew members to designers to garden stewards with educational opportunities that help them take their career to the next level and that help us provide the best possible service every day. Learn more about our team… or join us!

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