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November Garden To-Do List

Lee ArmilleiField Notes

With the holidays around the corner, the last thing most of us are thinking about is the landscape. However, there is still much to do in the garden to have a safe and beautiful winter, as well as a productive spring.

  • Protect trees and shrubs from buck rub and deer browse. Learn more about how to protect your plants here.
  • Clear leaves and sticks from storm drains and gutters to reduce flooding and ice accumulation.
  • Shred fallen leaves and use them as mulch in your beds.
  • Plant bulbs for spring. Autumn marks the ideal time to plant bulbs through your gardens. A little effort now will reward you next spring!
  • Mark perennials now for dividing and transplanting in the spring so you’ll know where they are before they disappear.
  • Build a compost area for decomposing garden vegetation and holiday veggie scraps.
  • Winterize your rain barrels by draining the contents. Leave the valve open until spring.
  • Start the landscape design process over the winter so you’re ready to install in early spring. Design gift certificates make a great holiday gift for loved ones.
  • Find inspiration in the landscape for centerpieces and winter containers. For details, check out Design & Decorate with Textures from the Landscape.