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Snow Days

Jennifer NicholsField Notes

Have you had enough of snow recently?  Do you have cabin fever?  Here are a couple of ideas to beat the winter blues.

Go on a photo shoot

Snow days are great days to take pictures.  The world seems fresh, clean, and bright after a snow, so grab your camera and get outdoors!

Carpinus branch in snow

Adirondack chairs by pond in snowLogs in the snow

Sparrow in the snow

Sparrow hopping through the snow covered meadow.

Go birding

Birds are easier to see in the winter, especially when there is snow on the ground.  Robins and Blue jays, which seem commonplace the rest of the year, seem radiant against a backdrop of fresh snow.

Go tracking

It is easy to track animals after a snowstorm.  I remember reading an animal tracking book to my kids one winter evening.  The following day, we happened to see a beautiful red fox in our back yard.  We bundled up and tracked him through the woods and the neighborhood nearby.  We were amazed that he seemed to investigate each house, looking in each back window to see what was going on inside!

Another time I noticed the tracks of a little mouse which ended where a set of wings brushed against the snow!  I never expected to see evidence of an owl catching a mouse, but it was recorded in the freshly fallen snow.

tracking animals in the snow

Animal tracks in freshly fallen snow.

Take a hike

Nothing combats cabin fever like exercise.  Grab your boots and bundle up, and get outside.  Once the roads are clear, there are plenty of local places to go.  Around here, there is Ridley Creek State Park, Tyler Arboretum, and Kirkwood Preserve.

Combine them all

A pair of boots, your camera, and maybe a field guide or two, are all you will need for hours of enjoyment outside.

So instead of getting frustrated with the winter weather, take the opportunity to appreciate its beauty.  And remember, spring is just around the corner!