Gardening Tips for June

12 Gardening Tips for June

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Perform the Chelsea Chop by cutting back certain perennials by 1/3′. If done in early June, your plants will have a later or longer bloom time and a bushier habit. Try this with asters, Black-eyed Susans, or experiment with others.  Help control Spotted Lanternfly! Our gardeners have been finding Spotted Lanternfly in the nymph stage on several properties. Penn State Extension has information about control and identification here. Prune flowering shrubs …

Add Some Flavor to Your Landscape

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Summer is a great time of year! I love summer because flowers bloom, the weather is nice, and days are longer. Also, local produce is available! In summer, you can pick up produce at neighborhood market, or simply add edible plants to your home landscape. Either way, local produce is fresher and tastier, better for the local economy, and uses …

How to Create a Healthy Yard for Birds

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Several years ago, I read my 11-year-old son’s persuasive essay explaining why spring is the best season. His three arguments were based on sports, weather, and birds. It caused me to wonder, why do birds returning to our area each spring bring joy and hope to people of all ages? Maybe it is their hustle and bustle of activity as …

Landscaping During COVID

Safe Landscape Practices -Covid-19

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The last several weeks have been challenging for us all and many small businesses are rising to the occasion. While each industry is different, we are very fortunate that landscaping is classified an essential business. Therefore, GreenWeaver is using Safe Landscape Practices for Covid-19.  We are committed to providing high quality service to our clients and keeping our team employed …

Butterfly Nightclubs or Nurseries: Which type of garden will you provide?

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The problem with many butterfly gardens is that they tend to be butterfly nightclubs. Basically, these gardens are for adults. Take the ubiquitous butterfly bush (Buddlia davidii) for example. You may find it covered with butterflies, but where are the caterpillars? Not only is butterfly bush now on many invasive species lists, it provides virtually no food value to caterpillars, …

In Praise of Mourning Cloaks

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Some insects are simply fascinating.  An example of this is the beautiful Mourning Cloak butterfly.  A brown-red butterfly with cream colored edges and blue spots on the wings, Mourning Cloaks are often the first butterflies to appear in spring. Winter Survival Strategies Insects use several different mechanisms to survive the winter including migration, communal living, and diapause, which is a …

colorful plants for front landscape

Landscaping for Curb Appeal

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As someone who has been in the landscape industry for many years, I have often heard that good landscaping increases property values 15%. Upon a quick internet search, I found numbers ranging from 8% to 20%. Regardless of actual numbers, in real estate, professionals consistently recommend increasing the curb appeal of your home. So what steps should you take to …

Inviting Bluebirds to Your Property

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Bluebirds are a symbol of happiness, springtime, and peace. They are also beneficial to our landscapes. Historically, both Native Americans and colonists used nest boxes and gourds to attract bluebirds to nest nearby and help control insect populations. Problems for bluebirds arose however, from the 1920s through the 1970s. Populations declined due to loss of habitat, pesticide use, and competition …

stormwater on steps

There is Only One Water

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Stormwater is making the news! In the September 13, 2019 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Frank Kummer states “On average, Philadelphia gets about 42 inches of rain in a year, according to the National Weather Service. In 2018, it got 62 inches. This year is also proving to be wet, with about 36 inches so far — 8 inches more …

Fireflies: Nature’s Luminaries

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When I decided to write about fireflies, I thought I would write a short, inspiring, little article about how these magical insects light up summer nights.  But like many subjects in environmental landscaping, it didn’t turn out to be that simple, so I would like to share what I have learned about these fascinating creatures. Fireflies in Pennsylvania I was …