how much does a patio cost

Estimating the Cost of a Patio

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Often, a patio is the keystone to the landscape, with gardens and lawn as supporting components. These project costs vary widely however, with many options. So, if you have been thinking about a new hardscape, read on to see what goes into the estimating a patio or walkway. Variables On every patio project, access, site conditions, size, and aesthetics impact …

Example landscape design

What to Know When Working With a Professional Landscape Designer

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Working with a professional landscape designer can be a very rewarding experience. Professional designers turn your ideas into reality and can avoid costly mistakes in the process. They consider the site, seasonal changes, plant requirements, spacing, wildlife, and your vision, and put it all on paper. A designer is a person trained in horticulture who can dream up beautiful and …

Fantastic Fall Foliage

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While many of us learned long ago that the splendid fall color in leaves is created by a loss of chlorophyll, the colors left behind depend upon a number of factors. Plant species, temperature, growing conditions and more, all play a role in the colors we see in the autumn landscape. Let’s explore why we are going to see some …

When to reach for pesticides... not here!

What to Know Before Reaching for Pesticides

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What are pesticides? Pesticides are products, natural or synthetic, that are designed to kill, prevent, repel, or mitigate pests. A pest may be a weed, a problematic insect, a problematic mammal or other type of animal, a fungus, or another type of living organism. Sub-categories of pesticides include herbicide, insecticide, rodenticide, fungicide, and more. When you see the suffix “cide” …

Turf Alternatives to Reduce Mowing

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Mowing the lawn is wasteful. If you hire a service, you’re spending dollars and if you mow your own lawn, you’re spending your time (arguably more valuable!). But regardless of who does the mowing, the process is consuming fossil fuels and releasing air pollution.

To Cut or Not to Cut?

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So your landscape is filling in, and it looks simply gorgeous, but for how long will it last? Often the key to maintaining a healthy, vigorous garden is actually to cut it back. Pruning and dead-heading allow you to promote the kind of growth you want to see and manipulate the plants for their best features. To get started, let’s …

Favorite Room banner

Your New Favorite Room

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As much fun as it can be to work in the garden, we’re ultimately working to make it an enjoyable place to use. How do you use your landscape now? How do you want to use it? Try thinking of your landscape as an extension of the home and you may quickly identify it as your outdoor “kitchen” or outdoor …

Salt injury to pine

Winter Injury to Trees & Shrubs

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Winter can be a harsh time for plants, whether it comes from the natural elements or human manipulation of the environment. If your plants seem to be suffering, use the guide below to identify the problem and possible remedies and see tips for how to prevent these issues in the future.   Problem: Broken branches on trees or shrubs. Cause: …

Greener Living in 2015

Living Greener in 2015

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As we finish up 2014 and look towards 2015, it is a good time to review our habits and lifestyle choices both as a business and personally. As a company, GreenWeaver continually strives to improve the services we offer to our clients for environmentally friendly landscape options. Additionally, we try to make decisions throughout the year to live simply on …

Decorate with Textures from the Landscape

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Although much of the landscape is going dormant this time of year, if you look closely, there are amazing textures all around you. Evergreen branches and winter berries are commonly embraced, but with a little more exploration, you can find interest in unexpected places. These textures can be used for outdoor planters, indoor centerpieces, wreaths, window boxes, and more. Below …