The Low Maintenance Garden

Lee ArmilleiField Notes

If there is one landscape design request I receive more than any other, it’s, “… and I want it to be low maintenance.” Why not? Most people don’t want to spend their evenings and weekends weeding. So here’s how I respond and how I plan my designs. First, there’s no such thing as a “no maintenance garden”. There will always …

Echinacea in winter

January Garden To-Do List

Lee ArmilleiField Notes

The new year sparks new goals. Start planning for a successful garden now with a little preparation and forethought. Get help with planning by using the professional expertise of GreenWeaver’s landscape design team. Prune trees & shrubs while they are still dormant. An added bonus: its easy to see their silhouettes right now! Take pictures of your property in winter to …

Magnolia grandiflora in winter

December Garden To-Do List

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December is a great time to take advantage of the dormancy of the garden and catch up on those tasks you couldn’t get to earlier in the season. Decorate your barren pots with fresh greens, berries, and twigs from your landscape. Find inspiration here. Dormant prune trees and shrubs. Call GreenWeaver for help. Sharpen your tools like pruners, trowels, and shovels. Collect materials to …

November banner

November Garden To-Do List

Lee ArmilleiField Notes

With the holidays around the corner, the last thing most of us are thinking about is the landscape. However, there is still much to do in the garden to have a safe and beautiful winter, as well as a productive spring. Protect trees and shrubs from buck rub and deer browse. Learn more about how to protect your plants here. Clear …

Nyssa foliage banner

October Garden To-Do List

Lee ArmilleiField Notes

We’re officially into fall and our gardens are gradually going to sleep– but they won’t go quietly! Watch over the next couple of weeks for amazing bursts of lemon yellow, shimmery gold, bright orange, and crimson red. Protect sensitive plants from frost when the forecast calls for it. First frost advisory for our area is October 15th. Assess your fall perennials …

Attract Amphibians with your Landscape

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In Pennsylvania there are more than 30 species of amphibians. You may find many of these species in your garden, neighborhoods, and parks. Attract amphibians to your property by learning about them and how you can landscape to meet their needs. Double lives In Pennsylvania, amphibians consist of what we commonly recognize as frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. It is …

Preparing for a Living Christmas Tree

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The common debate among the purchase of Christmas trees is whether you should purchase fresh cut or artificial trees. The case can be made for sustainability, supporting local businesses, longevity, cost, aroma, tradition, or personal preference. Often left out of this debate is the option for a “living” tree, also known as a live tree or a balled & burlapped …

Fall is for Fire

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While most of our landscapes are designed to be enjoyed during daylight hours, when autumn rolls around, we have far fewer of those hours to spend outside. If you want a dynamic and inviting fall landscape, add fire to draw friends and family into the brisk autumn air. Fire pits create a reason to gather, socialize, and celebrate with your …

how much does a patio cost

Estimating the Cost of a Patio

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Often, a patio is the keystone to the landscape, with gardens and lawn as supporting components. These project costs vary widely however, with many options. So, if you have been thinking about a new hardscape, read on to see what goes into the estimating a patio or walkway. Variables On every patio project, access, site conditions, size, and aesthetics impact …

Fantastic Fall Foliage

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While many of us learned long ago that the splendid fall color in leaves is created by a loss of chlorophyll, the colors left behind depend upon a number of factors. Plant species, temperature, growing conditions and more, all play a role in the colors we see in the autumn landscape. Let’s explore why we are going to see some …